Moving your business to a new office is often considered as a sign of growth and success. Whether you are running out of space for your rapidly growing workforce, or simply wanting to transfer to a better location in San Jose, moving a commercial operation for any reason is an opportunity to improve your business.

As exciting as relocation can be for your entire team, commercial moving and storage is no easy task—and can prove to become quite overwhelming and challenging in no time. If this is your first time executing an office transition to a new facility, office, or other commercial space, read on for some helpful tips from our expert San Jose movers at Move-Pros—and learn how you can plan a smooth and successful commercial relocation.

Planning the Move

It is important to create a timeline for the key stages of your business relocation and discuss it with the rest of the managers or your moving team to make sure that the plan is feasible. If you only have a small office, we recommend planning at least three months in advance, for sufficient time to plan as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Medium to large-sized operations, however, should begin planning relocation at least half a year to a year in advance, depending on the type of business.

Start Packing Early

If you plan on moving your office yourself and with the help of your staff, don’t wait until the last minute to begin packing—as tempting as it may be to put things off for later. Instead, it’s recommended to start as early as you can, beginning with the items that you don’t use regularly, and to follow a daily packing schedule that’s coordinated in a way that facilitates the continued operation of your business throughout the relocation process.

Many people underestimate the packing part of the moving equation, erroneously believing that the entire project can be completed in several weeks or even days. In reality, commercial moving can take much longer than expected, and usually does—so starting ahead of time can mean the difference between a well-planned and organized move and a chaotic one.
Plan the New Layout
Try to get hold of the new office’s blueprints or an outline of the floor plan, so you can determine where the important components of your move will be placed. This will also help you to determine whether you need to rent storage space at any point during the move, or whether you’ll need to purchase more office furniture to make up for the extra space you’ll have in the new office, if necessary.

Hire a Commercial Moving Company

If you want to lessen the stress and hassle of your office move, hire a commercial moving company to provide assistance. Professional movers can help your company create a solid and efficient moving plan, an organized moving calendar, and also can provide specialized packing services for large, heavy items, office furniture, and technology.

It is recommended to ask quotes from multiple San Jose movers for the services your business needs, in order to compare prices, service features, and other important factors to find the best value. Contact movers far in advance—at least six months ahead of time for smaller sized businesses, and schedule an on-site pricing quote and consultation to evaluate their rates and services.

Mark Your Boxes

By marking your boxes on the top and sides, you will be able to quickly locate your stuff when you are unpacking them. Your numbering system may also include a description of what is inside, so if you lose a box, you will be able to make a claim to the moving company.

Pack Computers, Cables, and Monitors Properly

The best way to pack computers is by removing all cables and placing them in large, ziplocked bags with labels of which computer the cables belong to. Monitors and computers should be individually wrapped using bubble wrap, or thick moving blankets wrapped in tape. It is never recommended to stack these on top of other items because they will be at a greater risk for damage.

Packing Electronics Carefully

For printers, remove cartridges and tape down scanner lids and covers. Make sure that you also follow any particular instructions for moving copiers and FAX machines, because not following these will void their warranties in case they get damaged during the move.

Create a Checklist

To keep everything organized, create a checklist of everything that needs to be done and an inventory of all your items. Not only will this keep you on track of your stuff during the packing, but also during the unpacking process.

If you want a hassle-free and seamless business move, contact Move-Pros—your trusted San Jose movers. You can also fill out this online form to request a no-obligation estimate of our reliable commercial moving and storage services.