Long distance moving is rarely easy, but with the right preparations (and the right professional movers), it can be simple. Read on to find out five of the best long distance moving tips from Move-Pros’ experienced Bay Area movers!

1. Plan in Advance.

The best advice for a successful long distance moving project is to start planning as soon as you possibly can. You don’t have to do everything at once; just make an effort to complete one small task each day, starting a few months before the move.

Not sure what kind of tasks to do? Here are some easy ideas:

·  Buy packing supplies.

·  Organize your belongings into keep, donate, and toss piles.

·  Make to-do lists for pre-move and moving day.

·  Research possible moving services.

·  Request copies of essential records (from your kids’ schools, local government agencies, doctor’s offices/pharmacies, etc.).

2. Decide Whether to Use Moving Services.

This decision should be made early on—not only to save yourself time and stress should you decide to hire Bay Area movers, but also to make sure that you get your first choice of moving date. Summer tends to be especially busy, so book early if you’re moving during these months.

Not every family will decide to hire movers, but many find professional moving services to be well worth the investment. For example, here at Move-Pros, we’re an agent for Wheaton World Wide Moving, which gives us a nationwide network of expert moving partners. We also provide valuation coverage options to protect your belongings and last-minute storage options in case something goes awry. These extra services can give you serious peace of mind!

3. Think About Your Pets.

Are Spot and Tiger ready for the long distance moving journey? Consider how you’re planning to get your new home—whether by car or plane—and then make all necessary accommodations for your furry friends. Ensure that they’re up-to-date on vaccines and have plenty of medication, food, and supplies on hand.

4. Pack a “Go Bag.”

If you’re hiring Bay Area movers, you won’t have to worry about packing everything in your home. However, you should pack a “go bag” to keep with you throughout the move. In this bag, store essential items such as:

·  Wallet and keys

·  Scissors, tape, pen, and paper

·  Phone, laptop, and other essential electronics

·  Extra chargers

·  Medications

·  Basic toiletries, including towels and toilet paper

·  Your kids’ favorite toys

·  Extra pet supplies

5. Double Check Everything!

You don’t want to drive thousands of miles only to realize that the utilities company had the wrong address, your realtor gave you the wrong key, and your house isn’t move-in ready. To avoid these arrival disasters, plan to confirm all the details ahead of time. Make sure everyone is on the same page by contacting your realtor/landlord, utilities company, post office, and moving company a week or two before moving day.

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