You’ve spent months planning, packing, and preparing for moving day, and you’re finally able to take a deep breath and assess your new home—only to see rooms filled with boxes that now need to be unpacked. 

Getting your new house in order after a move can be just as daunting as the moving process itself, and Move-Pros is here to help. Below we’ve laid out a few of our favorite tips for making the unpacking process a smoother, less stressful adventure:  

1. First Things First—Start With the Essentials

One of the first boxes loaded into the new house should be the essentials you need to be comfortable while unpacking. These include personal toiletries, cleaning supplies, and any “must-haves” for making it through a couple nights without the rest of your items.

2. Get Your Kitchen Up and Running

Your family needs to eat, and ordering take-out while moving can quickly add up. Get your kitchen in order first to minimize the stress of planning meals. As an added bonus, a put-together kitchen can make everything feel homier instantly!      

3. Set Up Bedrooms and Bathrooms

After your kitchen is good to go, the next step is the bedrooms and bathrooms. Get all the labeled boxes into their correct rooms, and then start with unpacking one area before moving on to the next room of the house.      

4. Plan Out the Room Before Unpacking

When unpacking a house, you don’t want to constantly be moving things around. Before you start on a room, get the furniture arranged and create a plan for how you want it to look. Having a vision of the final outcome in your head while unpacking will help the whole process go more efficiently.      

5. Organize as Your Go

It’s easy to want to hurry through unpacking just to get boxes out of the way, but resist the urge to take shortcuts! If you need to clean, add cabinet liners, or put up shelves, get those projects done first so everything has a place to go and clutter is kept to a minimum.

Getting settled into your new home is an exciting time in anyone’s life, but that doesn’t mean that it’s an easy process! By working with a qualified moving provider like Move-Pros and following the helpful tips and tricks above, you can make your household move a seamless process that gets you back to enjoying your busy life in no time.