Whether you are planning a move, downsizing your home, or simply wanting some extra home space during the busy holiday season, storage can often be the perfect solution. With so many options and various services available, it helps to know some tips that ensure you pick the best storage unit available. Below are some of the best guidelines to remember when picking a San Francisco residential storage facility. 


Is the storage unit clean? Often the largest indicator of further problems down the road, it’s essential to find a clean storage unit so that you are comfortable with having your items there. 

Tight Security

24/7 security can make all the difference with storage units. With tight security, you can be assured that your items are protected.  

Unit Size

Does the storage facility offer various unit sizes that make it easy to pick the best option? With numerous unit sizes, you can find a unit that better fits your needs while ensuring you don’t pay too much to store too little. 

No Unwanted Visitors

When seeking out San Francisco storage, make sure that there are no signs of unwanted visitors, including various animals, insects, etc. 

Great Customer Service

Using a storage facility that also offers great customer service as part of the package is a win-win. 

Climate Control 

With specialty items climate control storage is often necessary. When searching for a storage facility make it a point to search for climate control options, making sure to see and verify the unit in person as well. 

If you are searching for San Francisco local storage, Move-Pros can assist with it all. Offering both residential and commercial storage options, contact us today to learn more or submit a free online quote to speak to a Storage Specialist.