It’s no secret – moves can be stressful. With numerous logistics, schedules, and life changes, moves can often be an overwhelming time. Thankfully, they don’t need to be. With some tips and tricks and the right Bay Area movers, your move can be streamlined and easier, allowing you to focus on the more important things. Simplify your move today with some of the below tips.

Plan Ahead 

Planning ahead can make or break your move. By planning ahead and creating a solid to-do list months in advance, you can finish up what needs to be done and experience less stress along the way.

Get Enough Boxes (You Can Never Have Too Many) 

After creating a solid plan and researching supplies, buying enough boxes to begin packing is an essential piece of the puzzle. Decide the amount of boxes needed for each room in the home and then plan on buying 10% more than needed.

Do Some "Spring" Cleaning

A move is the perfect time to take stock of possessions and determine where you can declutter. Sell, donate, or give away unneeded items so there is less to move on moving day and more space in your new home.

Who Needs To Be Notified? (Change Your Address With The Post Office and Let Your Family Know You've Moved)

Create a card to send to family and friends indicating your new address. Notify the post office, utility company, and other businesses that you are planning to move, providing your new address as necessary.

Hire Movers

Hiring the right movers can simplify each aspect of a complicated move. With the right Bay Area residential movers, you can work with professional movers that can assist with every step of the moving process. At Move-Pros, we serve as the Bay Area residential moving company of choice for household moves of every shape and size.

To learn more and begin planning your move today, contact Move-Pros by submitting a free, online quote or giving us a quick call.