Fremont Moving and Storage Review

Felipe, your teams finished our moves today, and my wife and I wanted to say we were very pleased on the professional move. In San Francisco, we had Rodney and Saoul; in Los Angeles, we had Justin and Blake. Everything went smoothly, even with the twists we had to throw in. You might recall that we needed to move my father-in-law (aged 90) from SF down to our apartment in Redondo Beach, which involved pickup with a 26' truck; transfer to a 75' tractor/trailer; waiting for a load to Los Angeles; and a drop-off in Redondo Beach. The pickup in SF went very smoothly with complete packing. The pickup team were very dilgent and hard working/careful. It turned out that, in the few days we worked on this, we felt that father-in-law was not going to be able to live independently any more, and we got lucky and found a suitable assisted living facility near our Redondo Beach place even before the goods had come down to Southern California. Felipe's team was able to divert the load to the assisted living facility we found, and we had 90% of father-in-law's "stuff" unloaded right at his new "home." That really simplified our situation. There only needed to be a sofa and dining room table diverted to our apartment, since they would not fit in the smaller, assisted living facility. where we had planned to have the fullo load sent, so my father-in-law could stay with us; Justin and Blake worked that side of the move very efficiently. We really appreciate the flexibility you provided in this move as well as the professionalism throughout. Now, we just have to get Dad settled into the new community and unpack his 10 pounds of stuff into his 5-pound studio apartment. So, thank you again, Felipe, for working this si smoothly with us. PS to Sue, at H21 movers, Thank you again for putting us in touch with your colleagues from Move-Pros in Northern California. That reference was a big help, and we want to acknowledge your help here too. All-in-all, your professional help was a big relief during this stressful time. Thank you again.