So you are moving across town? Here is a simple guide for your help.

You will first need to decide if you want to do the move on your own or with a moving company. With a moving company you will not have to load or unload the truck, but will have to pay a fee for the services they provide. If you do it on your own, a lot of hard work and sweat will go into this project. In either case make sure your moving company/truck rental service is available and scheduled for the right date and time. This will save some heartache the day of the move if something does go wrong.

You will want to pack a lot of boxes. The best way to do this is label all boxes with the room it will go into and the contents. Make sure to not overload the boxes as this will make then harder to carry as well as possible to break. To make this task a little less daunting, try to pack a few boxes a night leading up to the move. This will make the packing much more manageable.

When it comes to moving your food, try to do this all in one load. It will save a lot more time and money in the long run. Moving food is tough when it comes to keeping things fresh and preventing spoiling of the food. Freeze as much food before hand as you can, and then pack everything in coolers when moving to the new location.

When packing the truck, make sure to think about how you would like to unpack at your new location. The first things on the truck will be the last things off the truck. Try to pack the front half of your house first, then the rear, and finally the upstairs. This will make your unloading process much easier in the long run. This will make it so you will walk up and down stairs only when your legs are still fresh.

Do not forget to scout out the new neighborhood. You may be entering a new homeowners association that has specific rules that you must abide by. Also roam around to find the local restaurants and services you will need in the future. This will save a lot of time in the long run as well as get you more acclimated to your surroundings.

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